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West Nile Virus Increases With Hot Temperatures | News

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West Nile Virus Increases With Hot Temperatures
West Nile Virus Increases With Hot Temperatures

The triple-digit temperatures are having a major impact on the spread of West Nile Virus here in the Valley.

Experts say the heat speeds up a mosquito's life cycle, and that means more breeding.

It also accelerates the West Nile Virus replication process.

Mark Berman and his family are visiting the Valley from the Netherlands.

He knew nothing about a recent collection of mosquitoes that were infected with the disease.

Tourist Mark Berman says, "We are going to spray absolutely, don't plan to get bitten or ill."

The mosquitoes were discovered in the Sherwood area, near Sanger in eastern Fresno County.

Steve Mulligan District Manager of the Consolidated Mosquito Abatement District says throughout the nation, the virus is at its biggest spike since 2003.

Mulligan says this dry hot weather isn't helping the issue.

Steve Mulligan says, "The warm weather speeds up the development of mosquitoes. Some don't live as long, but the development time of the virus is speeded up."

Consolidated Mosquito Abatement officials say the biggest issues right now in the Valley are green pools. One pool alone can produce tens of thousands of mosquitoes in one season enough to infest an entire neighborhood.

A recent aerial survey found several hundred more green pools officials are now checking out.

Valley residents are being advised to stay covered and use insect repellent containing "Deet."

Golfer Michael Huerta says, "We all know mosquitoes fester around this area, we make sure and bring our mosquito spray and spray ourselves down."

Most people who get West Nile Virus will not feel sick.

But some will experience flu-like symptoms.

It's the older folks and people with medical problems that can become seriously sick and could even die.

If you see a green pool or dead birds in your neighborhood, county officials want to know about it.

The Consolidated Mosquito Abatement District can be reached at (559) 896-1085.


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