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Burglary Victims Get Stolen Property Back | News

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Burglary Victims Get Stolen Property Back
Burglary Victims Get Stolen Property Back

If anyone's ever stolen something from you, you remember how violated you felt.

But Wednesday night Clovis police helped several burglary victims have some new hope.

The victims were given a chance to look for their stolen items.

The police picked up a number of stolen items in the arrest of a Fresno couple.

Last week 27-year-old Zong Moua and his wife 28-year-old My Vang were arrested.

Inside the couple's home, police found stolen guns, jewels and electronics.

May Her and her husband were hoping to find the jewelry crooks ripped off from their home.

Back in April, KMPH reporter Erik Rosales told you about the burglary.

After looking today?

May Her says, "No I didn't find anything that belonged to me. It's a bit discouraging. But we still have faith and thank God we were not there."

Paul Grimes and his wife thought they found their stolen camcorder.

But after a closer look the serial number didn't match.

They wanted it back because of the precious video on it.

Paul Grimes says, "It was her father's last Christmas, before he died. It has me chocked up."

Although many walked away disappointed, a few were reunited with their stolen property.

Connie Delinger says, "I found it, I found it, that's mine."

Connie found one of her stolen rings.

Connie says, "I'm hopeful now. I'd rather it had been my big sapphire set with diamonds all over it. But because it said "CTR" on it, I recognized it."

Another woman found about 10 of her watches.

By the way, if you didn't get a chance to see the stolen items for yourself, you can call the Clovis Police Department and set up an appointment.


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