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Home Delivered Meals For Seniors

The Clovis Senior Activity Center  through the Fresno Madera Area on Aging offers home-delivered frozen meals on Tuesdays. The meal program is available to homebound seniors who meet the established criteria:

1. Age (60) or older

2. Living alone or with a spouse who is also eligible

3. Homebound and unable to attend a congregate meal site

4. Unable to prepare meals for themselves and have no other person to shop and/or prepare meals for them

5. Lack of family support.

Contribution policy:

A donation of $1.75 per day or $50.00 a month is suggested, but any amount is accepted. No person will be denied meals due to an inability to pay.

Program participation determination:

CIF State Track and Field Championships

Personal Best, State, U.S., World and Olympic records get matched and beat every stunning year with the CIF State Track and Field Championships. 

You get to witness these amazing feats once again at Veteran's Memorial Stadium in Clovis at Buchanan High School. 

Click HERE for the schedule of events. 

Bring your umbrella, suncreen, and towel to watch in the stands or on the grass for this weekend of amazing student athlete competitions. 

Softball Tourney Continues Girl's Dream To Help Others

Softball Tourney Continues Girl's Dream To Help Others

If you can't get a whole team together - NO PROBLEM! Just bring yourself or a few friends. 

This is designed to be a casual day of TOTAL FUN, LAUGHTER and helping people living with Mitochondrial Disease. 

Come join us! 

CIF State Swim and Dive Championships Come To Town

CIF State Swim and Dive Championships Come To Town

Clovis Unified is the only school district in the Western United States to host three state championships events - cross country in November, track and field in June, and now the swim and dive championships May 22nd and 23rd.

California’s top swim and dive athletes are headed to Clovis for the inaugural CIF State Swim and Dive Championships; hosting the prestigious statewide event that is expected to draw thousands to the Fresno-Clovis Area.  Close to 600 student athletes and close to 3,000 spectators a day will flock to Clovis Unified’s Swim and Dive Complex at Clovis West High School for an event that is expected to see California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), state and national records shattered.

Mud 'n Blood Zombie Run May 31st

Mud 'n Blood Zombie Run May 31st

There are a ton of 5K runs these days but there is nothing like this. The Mud 'n Blood Zombie Run has Mud, obstacles and ZOMBIES!!! That's right... Zombies!

The 3rd annual Mud 'n Blood Zombie Run invites runners and zombies of all ages to join in the fun at the picturesque (and slightly scary) Hobb's Grove.

The 5k run follows a path through zombie infested tree-lined roads, around blueberry fields, over and through water crossings with ups, downs, ins and outs. Some are difficult and some are not (ALL water is pumped back out and used to water the wedding area and fire suppression pond. None is wasted).  

The object of the run is to make it through "unbitten" and join the other runners (and zombies) for the "Life After Death" party.  

There will also be music, food, drinks and fun.

The Mud 'n Blood Zombie run benefits St. Jude Children's Cancer Research Hospital.

Free Skywalk Jump Night

Free Skywalk Jump Night

Skywalk is offering this event FREE for kids.  

No reservations for this. Walk - Ins only. 

Senior Bean Bag Baseball

Senior Bean Bag Baseball

This is a hoot! Want to watch seniors play an inspired and energetic game of bean bag baseball?

Here are the rules: Players stand 15 feet away from a specially designed board that is propped up on the ground. The board has nine circular holes, two marked with “1”, two with “2”, two with “Out”, one with “3”, and one with “HR”. There is also one square hole marked “Foul.” Chairs are set up as bases, and a “batter” gets three attempts to toss a bean bag into one of the holes on the board, taking the corresponding “base”. Strikes occur if the “batter” misses the board on a throw, tosses the bean bag into the “Foul” hole, or steps over the throwing line.