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Playground Torched By Arsonist Re-Built & Re-Opened | Community Spirit

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Playground Torched By Arsonist Re-Built & Re-Opened
Playground Torched By Arsonist Re-Built & Re-Opened

It was once a pile of melted plastic and ashes, but now, a Clovis playground is brand new again after a fire destroyed it less than a year ago.

And a whole neighborhood pitched in to make it happen.

Kids cheered at the ribbon cutting at Cambridge Colony Park near Dewitt and El Paso in Clovis.

They're happy to have their neighborhood playground back.

"We've been waiting for this day a long time," said Lily Fay, who plays at the park.

About five months ago, a firebug torched the playground, melting the slides and destroying the equipment.

A couple months before that, nearby Century Park suffered the same fate.

"The day that it burnt down, my husband saw the smoke and saw that our park was on fire...and I watched my 3 girls cry as they watched their park burn down," said Autumn Fay, who lives in the area.

But Fay didn't just sit back and wait for the city to re-build it.

She, and a handful of other parents, held a fundraiser, raising more than $4,000.

"Once we sent the word out to our neighbors that we needed help, and the city needed help to pay the deductible...people came out in droves. They knew how important it is to have an area where the whole neighborhood can come together," said Fay.

Kids climbed, slid, ran, and swung to their heart's content on the official re-opening day.

After all the months they couldn't play at their neighborhood playground, some kids say, it felt like they were missing out on a lot of fun.

But not anymore.

"I feel like our neighborhood is done and finished with the park," said Lily Fay.

The playground and park serves about 500 homes in that Clovis neighborhood.

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