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Clovis PAC Ballot Recommendations |

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Clovis PAC Ballot Recommendations
Clovis PAC Ballot Recommendations


2012 Election Recommendations by the Clovis Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee.


PRESIDENT- Mitt Romney

CONGRESS- Devin Nunes



PROP 30  Sales and Income Tax Hikes – OPPOSE

PROP 31  Two Year Budget Cycle – SUPPORT

PROP 32  Paycheck Protection – SUPPORT

PROP 33  Auto Insurance Discounts – SUPPORT

PROP 36  Revises Three Strikes – OPPOSE

PROP 37  Food Labeling – OPPOSE

PROP 38  Income Tax Hike – OPPOSE

PROP 39  Tax Hike on Businesses – OPPOSE

PROP 0    Privatize County Services - SUPPORT

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