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Farmer Boys Restaurant
World's Greatest Hamburgers!
745 W. Herndon
Clovis, CA 93612
559 299-0049
559 297-0011

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About Us

Farmer Boys Restaurant

Farmer Boys® is a true family business. The restaurant was created by the five Havadjias brothers, who were raised on the island of Cyprus where they grew food on the family farm and worked in the family restaurant. During the 1970s, Makis, Harry and Chris Havadjias moved to California and gained hands-on experience in hamburger restaurants and coffee shops. By the 1980s, Demetris and George had joined their three brothers. The first Farmer Boys – a combination coffee shop and hamburger restaurant – opened in Perris, California in 1981.

Their original creation, the Farmer’s Burger, earned instant acclaim from critics and customers alike and in 1986 the brothers opened a second restaurant in Orange County. The Farmer Boys chain was born. By 1997, with eight successful restaurants in operation, the Havadjias brothers decided to grow their business through franchising, and the first franchise location opened in 1999.

Since that day, the Farmer Boys family has expanded to include dozens of restaurants across Southern and Central California and in Las Vegas, Nevada. Today, all five brothers sit on the Farmer Boys Board of Directors. Together, they continue to guide the future of their family business, which has grown from humble beginnings to well-earned success. The Havadjias brothers are proud to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Farmer Boys in 2011.

We are Farmer Boys, raised on homegrown goodness and inspired by the spirit of the heartland, where farmers work the soil under an open sky from dawn to dusk. To honor this heritage, we built a restaurant that captures the memorable flavors and aromas of a farmhouse kitchen.

Our hardworking hands transform fresh ingredients into generous, wholesome, delicious meals prepared just for you. Where every dish is promptly cooked to order, made with care and presented to you with a warm smile.

Additional Information

At Farmer Boys, longtime neighbors and travelers find welcome comfort as they come together to pass the time and enjoy our great food. Like old friends, we never say goodbye. Instead, we say, “See you again soon.”

Ring the bell on the way out to let us know we made you happy! And we'll see you soon.


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